Recommended Reading

This is a personal recommended reading list of fics that I've enjoyed over time. The authors and stories you will find here are all ones that have either won awards or haven't received the recognition they deserve. Of course you'll also note that there is a Spuffy-centric slant to them since those are the stories that I read most.

--> Allegraslade, Darling Effect, Jane Davitt and Lovesbitca

  • Secretary - Rated NC-17
    Wes/Faith - Human AU
    A young girl from a broken home, an older man with issues...and a working relationship that turns into something more.
--> Anne Rose
  • Lost in Cyberspace - Rated R
    S/B, We've all seen how Willow uses magic to augment her computer hacking. What if she managed some inter-dimensional hacking? Spike finds her laptop and season 6 will never be the same. A retelling of Season 6. Response to Stephanie Honey's challenge on the Spoiled_Spuffy list.
--> Eurydice
  • Charms of the Clarion - Rated NC-17
    When the Council approaches Buffy with an offer she can't refuse, she finds herself in another world, with Spike as her necessary partner. Set early Season 5. - Complete
  • Rhapsody In Oil - Rated NC-17
    A mysterious painting, a Slayer looking for something just a little bit different from Sunnydale, and a horny vampire...what could possibly go wrong? Set Season 4 between Something Blue and Hush. - Complete
  • Black Satin Voices - Rated NC-17
    When Willow is kidnapped by strangers with a mysterious agenda, Buffy is forced to chase after them to New Orleans, with a reluctant Spike along for the ride. Set S4-5. - Complete
  • By Rook or By Crook - Rated NC-17
    Sometimes, no matter how fast you run, your past always manages to catch up to you. It’s 1940, and the streets of Manhattan are the last place on earth ex-hitman William Rook ever expected to find himself again. But one last job has demanded he return, a job that pushes him directly into the path of a certain blonde chanteuse named Buffy Summers, and nothing will ever be the same again…for either of them…. All human AU. - Complete
  • Promise of Frost - Rated NC-17
    When a snowstorm strands Buffy and Spike, they are forced to turn to each other for strength, especially when a missing Giles, mysterious visitors, and way too much magic threatens to turn it into a not so very merry Christmas. Set mid-S4. - WIP
  • Legions of True Hearts - Rated NC-17
    Post graduation, a restless Buffy goes to London to escape the memories of Angel, only to lose herself in unexpected dreams. But is William real, or is he a distraction? Is he, possibly...both? Buffy/William. - Complete
  • A Symphony of Echoes - Rated NC-17
    Sequel to Legions of True Hearts. A confused Buffy is trying to get on with her life, but Spike's promise to stand by her haunts the Slayer. Her past collides with her future, forcing her to decide which---and who---she can trust. - WIP.
  • A Stone's Throw From Yesterday - Rated PG-13
    Fall, 2006. The Sunnydale Hellmouth has been destroyed for over three years, and the Scooby gang has scattered to the four corners of the globe, continuing their fight against the dark evils of the world. In the Egyptian desert, a single man hears a tortured plea for help. It’s just a shame he doesn’t recognize his own voice…- Complete.
  • This Wanton World - Rated NC-17
    Los Angeles, 2003. For the first time since she was Chosen, Buffy’s back in town. She never planned to return, but someone else had a different idea. This time, though, she comes with purpose, and power, and an assassin hot on her heels. She just hopes that this time…she doesn’t die. - WIP.
--> Houses
  • The Princess on the Plain - Rated G
    Brief parody fic of a AtS and LotR crossover. Short bit of fluff written as a gift to a friend.
  • Willow Tree Burning - NC-17
    Post season 6 on BtVS, Willow finds herself at Hogwarts when the main characters of the books are in their 7th year. W/DM with a bit of W/SS and W/T overtones. Guest appearances by many others.

--> Kimberly

  • Grounded in Reality - Rated PG-13
    In the days immediately following Buffy's death at the end of Season Five, Spike grieves alone. (Sad, angsty internal monologue)
  • Sunlight and Shadow - Rated R
    Post S6 "Dead Things," Buffy realizes that she needs both the darkness and the light, but she and Spike both have some growing up to do. (Angsty romantic drama)
  • The Question Game - Rated NC-17
    Buffy and Spike play a game that brings some truths to light and leads to some unexpected sexy stuff. (Smutty romance with some minor plot)
--> Lesley
  • The Three Lions - Rated PG-13
    Three sequences of fics starting immediately after BtVS s6. Willow and Spike convalesce with Giles in London and watch the World Cup. Wesley also arrives. Difficult decisions have to be made and the consequences dealt with.
  • An Englishman Abroad - Rated PG-13
    Spike/Buffy, Spike/Giles friendship, Giles/Anya. Epic WiP, written from Spike's point of view. Travelfic, action/adventure with angst and humour based on spoilers to the end of S6, but with differences. English spelling.
--> Lynne C
  • You Know Not the Day Nor the Hour - Rated PG
    Spike contemplates the unknown culmination of The First’s anticipated apocalypse, and takes steps to prepare for certain possibilities.
  • To Be or Not to Be - Rated G
    Spike's return from his fiery doom. Post-"Chosen" (7.22); AtS 5.0.
  • Loose Ends - Rated NC-17
    An unexpected epilogue to an incident in Spike's past, inspired by a throwaway line from Buffy 7.8
  • Wake Me Up - Rated R
    A song brings Buffy to a catharsis.
--> Miranda
  • Soulmates - Rated NC-17
    At Sunnydale U's Annual Carnivale Tara reads Spike's palm and has a vision which leads to the question of whether Buffy and Spike are soulmates.
--> Mommanered
  • Who's Been Shaggin' In My Bed? - Not Rated
    Andrew has continued his documentation of life in Casa Summers.
--> PJzallday
  • Little Bitty Puzzle Pieces - Rated PG-13
    In the wake of the apocalypse, the survivors attempt to rebuild their lives; one man's journey of discovery has begun; and evil is on the rise.
--> Sadbhyl
  • More Than Strangers - Rated NC-17
    A chance encounter between a married Buffy and a mysterious man ends up being more than just a casual affair. A continuation of Strangers in a Cafe by Pepperlandgirl4. This story is AU.
  • And A Star To Steer Her By - NC-17
    William Rayne is the victim of a pirate attack that is destined to change his whole life. This story is AU.
--> Syn
  • Armadillos and Salsa - Rated R
    The gang heads to Texas to heal. After the Apocalypse and Angel getting his soul back. Faith is still here too.
Much more to come!!